About Merry

Hi everyone!!!  My name is Merry Frampton.  I am the owner of Verry Merry Designs & Boutique.  This little adventure started a few years ago when I quit my 8-5 corporate buying position and decided to do something on my own.  Something I could love doing every day, something creative.  And that's where the t-shirts came in.   I love designing and printing cute fashionable tees that we can all love and be proud to wear.  I'm a strong Christian woman, wife, mom and Mimi so what I wear matters to me and I know there are a lot of moms/dads out there that feel the same way.  A want/need for cute, fashionable and morally sound stuff is out there.  I won't print or sell anything that spreads hate or is morally questionable.  God is love and we need to spread more of that in the world.  Why not do that through graphic tees.  You know we all wear them....and you know we all read them.  Share it!!!!  Not everything I print is about Jesus, but those are definitely favorites.  I also print a WIDE VARIETY of other cute, fashionable designs for all ages.  And soooo....the tees branched out into boutique clothing and so forth and so on.....  Now we are a full fledge boutique offering fashionable clothing and accessories along with the t-shirts we print on site.  I also believe in selling my products at a fair price.  I will NOT overprice things to pad my pockets.  I love seeing customers of all shapes and sizes being able to come in and find things they love and being able to actually afford them.  I love what I do and I love sharing it with you!!!!  Come check us out.  I promise you will not be disappointed!!!  Great quality for a great price!